Somewhere, hidden on a secluded stretch of trail on the East Coast of Tasmania, a rare and strange beast hides. Poised, waiting to start hucking 6ft drops, busting mega air and railing sick berms. Half human, half pedal, all mountain.

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The Pedal Heads Inc MTB club members are ambassadors for our sport. We actively promote the social and physical benefits of riding bikes with friends. We advocate for the development of sustainable and high-quality MTB trails in the North East of Tasmania. We recognise the impact MTB riding has on young people and we are committed to junior development. We are committed to providing a range of quality events, promoting the area and providing opportunities for our junior members. Through the strength of our club volunteers we will collaborate with all levels of government and community groups. With consideration of the environment and long-term sustainability we will ensure that our sport and trails are managed and constructed responsibly.